Gardens of Paris

Today I went out without looking at my map. Simply followed the Seine to see where it would take me and I found myself at the natural gardens of Paris. A part of the zoological and botanical society, thee garden was composed of many beautiful lines of flowers, lovingly landscaped in those rectangular rows the French are fond of. The edges of the lines of gardens were bordered by trees and this led to the main building, which of course was majestically old. Also found in the gardens were numerous mini-ecosystems of alpine species from around the world, plains, bog, and even tropical example in gigantic greenhouses. I did not visit the last variety because of the cost. I realized as I walked through the gardens that this was the most relaxing comforting thing I had done yet. I always feel comfortable in nature because really no matter where, the fundamental rules are the same. The whispers of the single progenitor of life are carried in all living things. More than the Louvre, more than Notre Dame, the gardens reached far deeper within me. I thin k it also has to do with the fact that Notre Dame has become a tourist destination first and Church 2nd or 3rd. The Louvre contains many amazing pieces of art, but the vast majority are removed from their context like finding a glacier in the Kalahari. Babylonian palace carvings simply look out of place in the Louvre, where 3000 years ago as the Middle East was convulsed by empires and wars, the tribes inhabiting France had barely started on agriculture. How that would have galled 🙂 the Babylonians to know that their monolithic civilization would one day be found in the halls of those dirty barbarians. Heed that warning America. Someday we might find the head of the statue of liberty in the grand museum of New South Africa… Paris is amazing. Every corner on every other street history lies in wait. Even the schools that many of the children go to are incredibly old, some even have gargoyles! Well, time for dinner and some delicious dessert.


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